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Strategies to keep the referee's mistakes from stealing your joy and excitement for the sport you coach. A must read for coaches everywhere who desire to model the correct way to respond to referees.

Coaches can use this motivational speech to enforce the message of unity among the team. Positive communication can do wonders with players who sometimes doubt themselves.

Coaches can use this speech to motivate players when they are losing the game. It is a reminder that as long as there is time on the clock, you cannot and you will not give up!

Coaches can use this speech to motivate players to go out and give their best. This is especially useful when they have been counted out by fans or the other team.

This Ebook provides valuable information to help every sports fan get back the excitement they once had. This joy and excitement has been lost due to negative reactions to referees. 
Find out how to simply enjoy the game.

Coaches can use this speech to teach their players what to focus on after a loss. Many times a change in focus will remind players of a memorable moment.

Coaches can use this speech to motivate the team when the odds are against them. Sometimes players need to be reminded of who their biggest fans really are.

In "What Every Coach Needs to Know" we teach about how this policy can help eliminate disrespect. This policy is also provided to coaches who want to have a deterrant in place for players who continue to be disrepectful .

Coaches can use this speech to encourage players after a loss, or any time they need a reminder of their amazing  entertainment value. It's easy to forget, especially after a tough loss.

Coaches can use this speech to show their players how to remember the enjoyment of the game. This kind of speech is most impactful when coupled with sincere encouragement.