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    "The Seven Question Strategy"

       Seven questions that will bless your child 

How many times have you wondered why your child made such a terrible decision? You know you have done your best to prepare them for real-world situations. Still---you wish there was something else you could do to point them in the right direction. Look no further! 
The Seven Question Strategy is the answer to your prayer!

After reading this book, you will be:
  • Better equipped to help your child think before they act
  • Able to give your child valuable decision-making tools
  • Able to provide your child with practical helpful strategies
  • Able to utilize the seven questions in your decisions                                    Original Price: $15.00
                                                       (Promotional price for a limited time is $10.00)
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You must always think about how decisions will affect your future. This poem is a great reminder of asking yourself to think about your future, when faced with a choice in your life. Your future is important, so handle it with care.

Does it produce negative consequences, is a great question to answer when you are making a decision. Once you answer it you will see the situation much more clearer, and you should make the right choice.

Does it offer me improvements is the question, and in its own poetic way, the poem answers  . the question. Read, enjoy and keep it on your mind to positively affect your decisions!

This poem asks the question, "Does it bind me and take away my freedom." You must consider this question when you are making a decision, because your future is nothing to play with. Freedom is something you don't want to lose. 

When you are unsure of a situation you must consider this question. If something will cause you harm, then you must decide against it. Never choose something that will hurt you, because consequences are sure to follow. 

You can have a relationship with a person, place or thing. Relationships are a very important part of life, so you should ask yourself this question before you commit to one. You should also ask will this be positive for me?

We are all faced with choices in life. However, asking yourself, if it will stop my progress, is an important question to consider. If something will stop your progress, then you know it is not a choice to make in your life. 

Mothers everywhere play a special role in the lives of their families. It is a role that is overwhelming at times, and rewarding at others. However, the drive to succeed never fails.   

Nothing can compare to the one who does everything in her power to make sure her family is taken care of. Only a mother knows the challenge of holding it all together.