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1. When I purchase a poem, what happens after I click the purchase button?

    You will be immediately taken to the cart page where you will verify your order. You can add as many poems to your cart as you   
    want before you submit your order. Then, you may proceed to checkout. After your purchase is confirmed, you will be directed to a     page where you will see a download link for your poetry. Links are good up to 48 hours, so be sure to remember where you saved    
    your poems on your computer or device. 

2. Will  The Ultimate Teacher's Gift and the Conversational Journal be digital or printed books
    They will be printed books.

3. How will the orders be handled for printed books?

     Information will be forthcoming on this website, when they are available.
4. What format are the poems in? All digital products are in PDF files.
     You will need the adobe reader on any device you are using. This is a common reader, 
     but if you don't have it you can get the free download at www. get.adobe.com/reader/.

5. Can I purchase products using my mobile device?

    Yes. Make sure you have adobe reader installed on your device. Also, once you download your digital product, you will need to    
    access it through your adobe reader documents on your device.