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Did you know there is a bright and dark side of college? Don't be caught off-guard by not knowing the truth! In order to be a successful college student, you must know the truth about both sides. This book will prepare you with the truth so you can be successful on any college campus!

After reading this book, you will:

  • Learn about the bright and dark side of      college
  • Understand the goals alcohol and drugs    drugs have for you
  • Be aware of the actions of a fake friend
  • Have key strategies to prepare you            to be successful on any college campus

                                                                               Coming soon!

"The Ultimate Teacher's Gift," Resolving conflict between teachers and principals with a strategic plan to strengthen our schools. 

The Ultimate Teacher's Gift will serve as a helper to the education industry. It teaches practical solutions to the conflict which exists on school campuses.

This book will also serve as a mediator between teachers and principals. This means it will provide much needed support and guidance in order to lead them to a positive relationship. 

In addition to The Ultimate Teacher's Gift, we have written a companion to the book called the Conversational Journal. While The Ultimate Teacher's Gift gives strategies for positively changing conversations on campuses, the journal gives practical situations for keeping your conversation positive. It goes hand-in-hand with the message of the book.

Our hope is that every teacher receives this message of peace! Therefore, in the coming weeks, we will make it available to teachers everywhere. In order for it to be most effective, this book and its companion must be put in the hands of every teacher on a school campus. Take a look below for more information on The Ultimate Teacher's Gift and its companion the Conversational Journal.

The Ultimate Teacher's Gift will teach principals and teachers how to resolve conflict and bring about much needed peace on their campuses. It is truly a gift that will show the incredible impact positive communication will make within relationships.

This book will: 
  • Help settle disputes between teachers and principals

  • Help bring about peace between teachers and principals

  • Provide a solution to the dilemma of high teacher turnover
  • Demonstrate how positive communication will impact our schools
  • Share the one true purpose of every human being and how this purpose will drive your actions towards positive relationships within your schools

When teachers have worked hard all year, and the fruit of their labor is all measured by testing time...it can be a tough pill to swallow. However, in this poem, "A Teacher's Cry", teachers are encouraged to recognize their own dedication while pressing on to the end of the school year triumphantly.

No matter what obstacles you face in life, you must not allow them to stop you from pursuing your goals. As teachers, we are constantly faced with obstacles. These obstacles can be viewed as mountains to climb or simply stepping stones to get us closer to our goals. Either way, we must keep pressing on and realize how truly unstoppable we really are. 

The Ultimate Teacher's Gift Conversational Journal is a companion to "The Ultimate Teacher's Gift."

It is a companion because it takes the principles from the first book and demonstrates them in a conversational format. Teachers will see practical situations they will encounter on their campuses, and get effective strategies for handling them. 

In addition to the strategies, teachers also get a journaling section with provocative questions to further protect their positive conversations. Each section is an opportunity for teachers to ponder what they would do in a particular situation. After considering these strategies, and looking at each of the scenarios teachers will be better prepared to handle the daily struggles of any school campus. 

This companion is a must- have because it is designed to keep your conversations positive on your campus and strengthen your school!

Each school day is filled with rewards and challenges. Only a teacher knows how each one can provide fuel for the next moment. In this poem, "A Teacher's Day", teachers are encouraged to see the good in everything that the school day brings. As you read it, remember the valuable gift that you are to your students.

Teachers are the lifeblood of our society. We give and give, and then give some more. This poem encourages teachers everywhere to stop and think for a moment, about the many things you are able to accomplish. That moment will turn into a great memory when you read this poem entitled, "A Teacher's Refuge".