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Welcome to E&M's Academy!
Congratulations! You are in the right place to start making financial progress!

In this classroom you will find tools you can use and everything you need to know about promoting God's products! First of all, there is no need to be a developer or webmaster to be able to use our tools. Also, you don't need your own website, because we will show you what you can do with and without a website. For the most part, you will simply copy-and-paste your product links from your dashboard, to wherever you plan to advertise. As an affiliate specialist you can promote and sell our products using a variety of vehicles such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, email, text, your blog or your own website, etc. Of course, this list is not all-inclusive. You can share information about our products wherever your potential customers are. Remember, you want to capture your customer's attention, so they will be moved to make a purchase. More purchases = more commission for you!

Share on Twitter and Facebook

Post a quick update to Facebook or Twitter with one of your links to its product page. Just remember, when you post an image you must also post your product link along with it from your affiliate dashboard (getdpd.com). Log in using the vendor login tab, and use your username and password from when you signed up.

Here are the steps to post within Facebook:

Step 1: Open your facebook page and leave it open to where you want to post. On a new tab, go to your dashboard at getdpd.com and login through the vendor login tab. You will see your dashboard with a tab that says, "Get Link Codes" on the right. See what it looks like in the image to the right >> 

Step 2:  Next, you can add an image along with a short promotional message. You can use images you have created, or you can copy and paste images from this website. When copying images from our website, be sure to click on the image first to enlarge it. Then, right click on the image and choose "Copy image address". This will give you the best results for posting the image. Go back to your Facebook page and paste it. The link for the image will pop up, but you just need to delete it and add your own promotional message. Note: You can also upload images from other websites. There are tons of sites out there, but a couple we use are Pexels and Pixabay. Just make sure you are using royalty-free images when you post. When you find one you like, simply upload it from your desktop directly into your Facebook post. Promotional messages are available on this page for you to copy and paste as well. 

Step 3: Go back to your DPD dashboard and Click on "Get Link Codes."  You will be directed to your product links. Next, you click on the product hoplink that you want to share. Copy and paste the code into your facebook post where you typed your promotional message. Click Publish and every time someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you earn half of the sale! Happy Posting! 

After you post your image and/or promotional message 
Click on "Get Link Codes"
Then copy and paste the hoplink into your post

You have a lot more flexibility if you have your own website or blog. You can post one product link and image, or multiple products at one time. It is up to you! The process is very similar to the one above, depending on the layout of your website.  You could even devote a single page to our products with your links. You can add an image to capture your customer's attention, and then copy and paste your product links from your dashboard (getdpd.com) along with a short promotional message. Finally, ...you publish! The images below are the actual covers of some of our Ebooks, but you can use any appropriate image to promote each one. Also, you are free to use the promotional messages from this page and from any page on our website. Finally, you would simply point people to your website, where they would click on your product links to make purchases. One major difference when using a website or blog is you can use Buy buttons in addition to product hoplinks. The links for the Buy buttons are available on the same page on your dashboard, under the Affiliate Buy buttons heading. Of course, just like the product links, every time they purchase using your buy button links, you earn money!

Coaches, we are aware of a very important secret that has been kept from

you. This secret has caused you to become angry at the referees, and lose your cool during games. Don't be kept in the dark any longer! Find out the secret today by reading the Ebook, "What Every Coach Needs to Know" 


Parents, have you ever said this, “I can’t believe my child did that. I am so disappointed in my child’s awful decisions. How do I help my child make better decisions?” If you need real help with your child’s bad decision-making, “The Seven Question Strategy” book is for you!

Do you like watching sports? Do you support your family and friends by going to sporting events? Are you upset sometimes by what the referees do or don't do? If you answered yes to these questions, then your next book to read is, "What Every Sports Fan Needs to Know". It’s time to confront the conflict maker that has been hiding at sporting events, stealing your joy and excitement!

"What Every Coach Needs to Know"

"The Seven Question Strategy"

"What Every Sports Fan Needs to Know"

1) First of all, the first group to share this good news with should be your family! How awesome is it to tell your family members about products that are designed to bring about positive change in their lives. You can do this by word of mouth, text, email, or your social media vehicles.

2) Have a digital "Ebook" party and invite family and friends that fit your target market. You would direct them to your social media page, send them an email or text and they can make purchases on their own device. 

3) Create flyers and share with your neighbors

4) Create your own Facebook group or Fan page to advertise our products and place your product links

5) Start your own blog with a relevant topic and monetize it with our products and your product links