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            About Us

Everette R. Bowers and 

Michelle L. Bowers


The God of Heaven has given Everette and Michelle the mission of writing, publishing and helping others under the direction of Jesus Christ. E&M Publishing House was born out of their desire to be obedient to the call of promoting positive changes through writing. 

To promote positive changes in the world by publishing and delivering books in all formats including digital and printed books 

under the direction of Jesus Christ

To see the world experience positive changes by using the information within our written publications, which have been inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ

Everette is an author, minister, evangelist, motivational speaker, businessman, and sports trainer. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies. He also earned an Associates degree in Business, and a second Associates degree in Management. Everette's background includes positions as co-pastor and minister. In addition, he has worked in the Real Estate industry as well as the Distribution industry. He is passionate about his family, the word of God, working to bring about positive resolutions to conflict, and helping people mentally, emotionally and financially.

Michelle is a teacher, author, poet, and businesswoman. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree, and a Masters of Liberal Arts degree in Education. Her background includes working in various management positions and predominantly in education where she has been a teacher for the past 17 years. She is passionate about her family, the opportunity to impact and educate young people, working to bring about positive resolutions to conflict, and helping people mentally, emotionally and financially.

Everette and Michelle reside in Arlington, Texas and they have three children. When they are not writing, they enjoy spending time with their family.