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If you keep doing the same things financially, then you will continue to get the same financial results.

If you want your financial situation to change, then you must do something different financially.

We have just the thing for you to do differently, in order to change your financial future

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          It is no accident that you are here! In fact, you are in the right place at the right time. At E&M Publishing House we strive to make a difference in the world by providing an opportunity for you to improve mentally, emotionally and financially. First, this opportunity comes through a number of digital products, which the God of Heaven has led us to write. They will inform, enrich and empower you to experience positive changes in your life. Second, your financial change can come through our affiliate program, where you have the opportunity to increase your income by promoting and selling God's products.

          The Lord has given us the information in each of our products for the express purpose of helping you make improvements in your life. Currently, we have products supporting: Parents, Teachers, Coaches, and Sports fans. 

Click on each page below to see the products you have the opportunity to promote and sell as an affiliate specialist. 

*The Parent Exchange-where we provide products that show parents how to help their children make better decisions 

*The Sports Clinic-where we provide guidance and solutions uniquely geared towards coaches, players, sports fans, and sports directors

*The Education Station-where we provide conflict-resolution products and motivational poetry for teachers, administrators, and school district leaders

 *The Poetry Bistro- includes a collection of original poems which demonstrate how powerful positive communication can be on your mind and heart



Joel 2:14  says, "Who knows? He may turn and relent and leave behind a blessing..."

We believe The God of Heaven has given us The Affiliate Connection in order to:

Bless the readers of his products

Bless those who promote and sell his products

Bless those who spread the word about his products

Bless affiliates with an awesome job opportunity

Therefore, here are some of the blessings God is leaving behind...

Whoever reads God's products  will receive God's truth.

The truth will:

>Fill your mind and heart with amazing knowledge you have never heard before

>Equip you to make a positive impact in your life 


>Empower you to use information to positively affect others  
*Here are some of our Ebooks which contain God's truth  
"What Every Sports Fan Needs to Know"
Promote and sell insightful Ebooks and produce a harvest for yourself

When you sell God's products to others, you not only gain financial benefits, but you also get to be a children's advocate!

Here's how you will be an advocate for children:

>God's products provide strategies, solutions and encouragement for parents, teachers, coaches, and sports fans. Therefore, positive benefits will naturally occur for children as a result of the adults in their lives interacting with God's products. 

>When adults read God's truth, they will take positive actions toward the young people in their lives. They will begin to act as true advocates for children. An advocate is one who speaks, defends, supports, loves and cares for others.  

Now that you understand the blessings, look at some of the things you can do with the proceeds of your harvest!

*No longer live paycheck to paycheck 
*Cover basic needs and have extra for "wants"
*Cover rising utility costs
*Cover miscellaneous costs from household emergencies
*Cover medical and dental insurance costs and expenses
*Cover car repairs and expenses
*Cover expenses of a family vacation
*Cover a down payment on a new house
*Pay for college expenses like tuition and books
*Start a college fund for your kids
*Cover mission trips and expenses
*Cover expenses for special holidays, weddings and family celebrations

 When you promote and sell God's products you are creating a harvest for yourself, by earning 50% on each product you sell. Remember, these are God's words in each product. God wants you to help him deliver his products to the public. Therefore, he wants to share 50% commission with you so that you can produce a harvest for yourself. Speaking of the harvest, there's a passage in the Bible that teaches this principle through a parable found in Luke 8:1-15, the parable of the Sower. It teaches about four listeners who received a message from God. Three of them encountered obstacles along the way, which stopped them from producing a crop. However, only the fourth listener took God's message and did something with it. He heard the word, he retained it, and he persevered. In other words, he created a harvest by putting God's words into action. In the same manner, this is your opportunity to be that fourth listener! You must take God's words, and put them into action. You must retain it and persevere in order to create a harvest for yourself and for your family! 
Make extra money and make a difference in the lives of others

*Cover sports-related expenses such as:

Gym rentals for sports activities and events

Traveling expenses for sports activities 

Food expenses for sports events and activities

Sports training equipment

Personalized sports training for athletes

Uniforms for teams

Athletic shoes for teams

Awards and trophies for athletes

*These are only examples of what you could use your earnings for, but you could add whatever expenses you can think of for yourself and your family.